Bits and Pieces

Produced by DJ CHiEF
Released: 8/21/2015

“Bits and Pieces” is DJ CHiEF’s second album this year, and it’s stocked with brand new breaks and published favorites from 2015.

With eight brand new tracks and six DJ CHiEF classics, “Bits and Pieces” will turn your cipher into a freak show – real quick.

DJ CHiEF's Bits and Pieces

“Graffite” and “España” gained notoriety at Red Bull BC One’s Spain Cipher 2015, courtesy of DJ LadyFunk.

DJ CHiEF’s collaboration with Germany’s DJ Just-A-Kid, “Snake Bite”, is notorious around the world, and tracks like “Fredo” and “Flart” have been spotted at South Florida battles, but never available for download… until now.

“DJ CHiEF’s Bits and Pieces” is the next release from Bboysounds Black Label Breaks and the full album is available right here!

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